Hello and thanks for visiting the American Working Dog Association web site. This organization is proud to offer certification, training tips and seminars on many aspects of canine usage. From cadaver to search and rescue; with a priority on improving and helping law enforcement k9 teams across the country! We here at the AWDA have taken many months of planning and preparation  to bring one of the finest  canine certifications in the world. All of the members of AWDA are law enforcement officers, k9 handlers and trainers.  We hope you find this web site informative.

Our primary mission is in assisting police k9 teams across the country attain a high level of reliability, training and certification. We do this by offering seminars and certifications all over the country.  Our members are dedicated to the working dog, and the standards in what ever capacity they are utilized. During our seminars we will gladly help with any k9/team problems, update new case law ,and teach new training techniques to improve your team.

In closing I would like to thank the many people that have made this possible. If you have any question regarding the site or any function of the AWDA please feel free to contact us or contact the  President Eddie Brannon (email) or the National Administrator Mike Bullock (email)

American Working Dog Association Bylaws

On behalf of the AWDA "Train as if it were real and when it is real it will be like training."


Mike Bullock

National Administrator